Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Boy In A Box

Introduction: Sorry I haven't been terribly frequent lately but I will keep to my promise of 3 posts a week.  I have one scheduled for Friday and Sunday so look out for them! This poem is about me being stuck in hospital, and basically I found these awesome pictures of box people and just had to write a poem about them. One of the reasons I've been less frequent with my posts is that I've returned to writing my book (or thinking about it) and Yumi is going to draw the cover. Very excited except I'm also very busy with school (OMG) and therapy - I've reached a fairly crucial point in my recovery and am working towards going on holiday in the summer. Coming up on the blog I have a Royal-themed poem and a wedding-themed short story in honour of the Royal Wedding just gone (I soooo want to be a prince). Also on the way is the final two installments of 5 Friends - No I have not forgotten about Mikli & Sage. And finally, a poem called Sands of Mine an another about a dear friend of mine's ill grandfather. Enjoy and please please please comment :) GOOD NIGHT WORLD.

A big shout-out to Batty Matty, one of the first people to comment on the blog (which really makes me feel good). Good luck to Ben, her 17-year-old son and be sure to check out her blog, its on my blog-roll on the right, it's called Anorexia Boy etc. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Read away....


You're afraid
Of the gaps in the tunnel you want to slip between,
The light in the tunnel you leave unseen.
I know the feeling, I know what it means.
You are not alone.

A sigh of relief
For you don't lie in a ditch by a dusty track,
Battered and bruised, creviced and cracked.
Cloaked, you return, no exterior scratch,
The damage is within.

Like always
But don't be afraid to shed tears, nor frown,
Planets to your sun, we are always around.
Grab our hands when you tumble down.
Deep down you don't want to let go.

Hold on.
In the future
The noise will numb, the pain will lessen.
When your angel, by your demon, is no longer threatened.
You've pulled through the shit but there's more where that came from.
Your engine keeps running regardless.

The box
Where you lay
Each day,
Will break
Make no mistake.
You can't slash through its sides before you're prepared.
Conserve you're strength, be patient.
You'll shatter its seal, into open air,
"One day," says your fellow patient.

Keep strong, this road's long.
We trudge together.
As I say these days,
Won't last forever.

- no notes for this one, it's pretty straightforward and there is no deep, deep meaning intended.



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