Saturday, 2 April 2011

Man Vs. Machine

Introduction: After such a long intro last time, and in general long, long, long poems, I've decided to write a short poem in a very different vein to my other poems, about my hate of scales. I mean, why should some piece of machinery ruin my day my week? Grrrrr...


Man came before machine,
When we created them we toiled,
Now they make our own blood boil.

Maintain them, fix them, clean,
Is it really worth the stir
To hear that incessant whir?

The cause of much ill plight,
We all scream at our computers
When we'd really like to shoot them.

My firm fists clenched to fight,
To tussle with those scales
That howl at me that I'm a whale.

I don't think I can write any Notes on this one, it's all pretty self-explanatory... Though this does now beat 'Save Me From The Savannah' as my least favourite poem to date :(

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for another longie called 'Homecoming Queen' that's slightly more narrative-based and literal than my usual stuff but still has deeper meaning to it. I like some good, old-fashioned deeper meaning :) There's also the second installment of the series '5 Friends' to come soon, dedicated to Water.

Keep reading, people!

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