Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Introduction: As promised, the following is my Mother's Day poem that I gave to my mum as a present last Sunday. Apologies for it being two days late but believe it or not, hospital life can be a little hectic sometimes! It is very special to me this poem and it expresses the undeserved agony I've put my loving mother through this past year and a half. Mum, this is my apology...


Your love is like a rainbow,
You can never find the end.
And if I ever fall to pieces
You are the one who mends.
Our family is a garden,
You nurture each and every plant.
You water every need,
You tend to every want.
If we were all a vigil,
My candle would be dimmed.
How do you still keep alight
Him and her and him?
I ventured into caverns,
I dragged you by the wrist.
You’ll never see the light of life
Until I fulfill our wish.
For that I’m truly sorry,
More than you’ll ever know.
How, through all the whistling wind
Have we kept our bond aglow?
Even when the shadows
Creep back from whence they came.
You’re the easel to my work of art,
You support me once again.
Our relationship as verdant
As a rolling valley.
Those good memories of old,
Where do they all rally?
In a chiming music box,
Dainty and antique.
Together, side-by-side we will
Open, take a peek.
Through evil’s eerie, hanging mist
I glimpse a distant land –
Malibu, I think it’s called.
Let’s run there, take my hand…
But in reality we know me better
Than to skip a dozen steps.
Let’s put one foot in front of the other,
At the summit, that’s where we’ll rest.
But while conquering my own Everest,
You’re battling George’s too,
And fighting Alexandra’s
And Dad’s, what will you do
If after all this time
You tear at your own seams.
I’ll knit you back together
Patch by patch, piece by piece.
As in any verdant valley,
There will always be a storm.
As on every lover’s rose,
There will always be a thorn.
But as we know, the grass still grows,
The sky returns to blue.
And when your thumb is torn on thorns
I’ll be there to bandage you.
Your broad smile is a crescent moon,
Your eyes two shooting stars.
Your face kissed by the rising sun,
Your locks the richest noir.
Excuse me being cheesy
(How ironic, talking of food!),
But believe me, I mean every word,
I mean the world of good.
I know if you were able
You’d unlock the chains that bind me,
You’d lug my heavy stones,
And put this shit behind me.
But unfortunately, it’s up to me,
I hold the fortune teller.
I can climb on your shoulders to get up the tree,
Will I escape this cavern, ever?
The answer is yes, if you ask me,
I’m sure you feel the same.
But the journey is rigourous, across land and sea,
We will learn the rules of this game.
Enough of me, today is yours,
Once a year you don’t have to share!
Even if you are lazy today,
I know you still love me and care.
Whatever you do, I will love you,
Until I meet my end.
No matter what I ever say,
You’re my mother, carer, friend.

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